Sandra Camps


I worked in television Channel 39 in Barcelona and as a delegate of Channel +. During my years in Berlin, where I completed my journalism degree, I collaborated in reporting not only for Deutsche Welle and SFB (Sender Freies Berlin) but also for ORB and the regional television of Berlin-Brandenburg, immersing myself in the German media landscape with extensive collaboration in different channels. This experience culminated when I assumed the role of correspondent in Berlin for TVE between 1996 and 2000, a stage that profoundly marked my journalistic career. Once back in Spain, I dedicated myself to creating documentaries and social reports for programs such as 'Line 900', 'Wide Angle' either 'Catalunya Avui'. I was also a delegate of CNN+ in Barcelona for a while and founded the production company Multikulti Productions SL, with which I made author documentaries such as 'Iago', 'Refuge City' and 'A world at your feet, in addition to developing audiovisual projects for different social entities. However, one of the projects that left the greatest impression on me was 'The odyssey of volunteering', framed in the Year of Volunteering Project of the United Nations and Prospective International, an almost annual experience that took me to travel around the world.

United Nations and Prospective Internationale Year of Volunteering Project
As a team manager I traveled with my colleagues Barnabas from Hungary and Manu from Chad to places like Malta, Argentina, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Vietnam, India, Reunion Island and Mauritius Island to learn how local NGOs work on the ground... Among Others, I interviewed the president of Malta, the minister of social affairs of Mauritius, a Nigerian tribal chief or the heroine of the Dalit or Untouchable caste who fights for the respect of her people. 21 journalists, photographers and cameramen of 21 different nationalities have participated in this project.
Environmental Bulletin
Environmental agreement. February 2002
Return to the world of NGOs
The weekly country. July 2002
Interview for La Vanguardia.
The vanguard. August 2002
25 min

Documentary-report on Pallo and Gypsy volunteers in Gypsy institutions. Commissioned by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano de Catalunya. Presented within the framework of the International Voluntary Summer School organized by the Generalitat, Department of Welfare and Family.

13 min

Finalist in the Marca short film competition

Carried out in Argentina, Nigeria, Vietnam, India, Reunion Island and Mauritius Island. I give the boys and girls of these countries a soccer ball so they can play and talk to me about soccer. I ask everyone the same questions: Should women play soccer? What does soccer mean to you? etc. A World at Your Feet' has been sponsored by Unicef and was presented in 2002 at the San Feliu de Guixols International Environment Festival.

ONCE 2007 Tiflos Journalism Award and 2007 Talent Award from the weekly supplement EP3

Yago is an 11-year-old boy who suffers from dwarfism and has surgery on his legs to be 15cm taller and have a higher quality of life. To do this, he will spend a year and a half between hospitals and rehabilitation rooms, in addition to being in a wheelchair for many months and having to learn to walk from a new center of gravity. Also, he fights against constant ridicule for his condition because dwarfism is the only disability that makes him laugh.

This short was turned into a 50-minute documentary co-produced with TV3 following Yago for a few years of his life as he elongated.

52 min

The writer Salman Rushdie was the inspiration for the refuge cities in the world constituted in an international network that welcomes writers threatened for exercising freedom of expression despite the threats they receive in their countries of origin for doing so. Barcelona was the first Refuge City of the network.

Documentary presented at the International Pen Club in Tromsoe and broadcast on TV3, TVE, among others.