Sandra Camps

My street lacks color

For a few weeks now, María has not been sitting in her tacatá or in her chair at the end of my pedestrian street with her lips painted red, her eyes well made up, her earrings and her smile. Those mischievous eyes he had that saw everything. Was the

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It is gone

In a few days he is gone. The absence is noticeable and, at times, it hurts. A dear friend has left, a young man who had not yet turned 40 and had a life ahead of him with his life partner. He was a great man in all

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Welcome to!

Years ago I had a page like this to show my professional work. And now I have been able to create it again, well not me. Some great guys who dedicate themselves to this with a slightly strange name: DSMK but it has its history and its why. Like everything.

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