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With a consolidated track record in social journalism and deep experience in content production, I am pleased to offer my consulting services to companies, non-governmental organizations and institutions that seek not only to inform, but also to inspire and generate significant change in society. . My specialty lies in communication project management and media education, where I apply a social approach that combines impactful narratives with effective communication strategies.

For non-governmental organizations and institutions dedicated to social causes, I offer the creation of content that resonates with their audience, highlighting crucial issues and promoting awareness and action. My experience in dealing with complex social issues and producing in-depth reports and documentaries can be a valuable tool to strengthen your awareness and education campaigns.

In the corporate sphere, I work with companies that seek to not only expand their reach, but also positively impact the community. This includes the development of responsible and sustainable communication strategies that reflect your values and social commitments. My approach focuses on aligning corporate objectives with the needs and interests of society, thus creating a mutually beneficial impact.

In addition, I offer workshops and training in journalism and media, adapted to the specific needs of each organization or company. These programs are designed to improve teams' communication skills, teach effective storytelling techniques, and provide a deeper understanding of how media can be used to influence and educate.

My commitment is to work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives, and develop tailored solutions that reflect your identity and message. If you are looking for a unique perspective and an authentic voice for your projects, I would love to collaborate with you and contribute my experience to help you achieve and exceed your communication goals.

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